Bolt taxi is the second most popular application for ordering a taxi
driver in Poland
Good functionality
Bolt provides drivers with a convenient mobile app to manage orders, making the process simple and efficient.
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Bolt Advantage
The fact is that the application provides a large number of bonuses and promotions for drivers, as well as for pasting with the company logo - you can receive a good amount of bonus from completed trips
Security measures
Bolt has certain safety features for drivers and passengers, including real-time trip tracking and emergency assistance features.
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1st point
Working conditions in Bolt taxi for the driver:
  • No driving experience required, you can work from the age of 18
  • Availability of a Polish police clearance certificate, added 1 time - the document is valid for no more than 30 days from the date of issue.
  • Polish driver's license dated 06/17/2024
2nd point
Conditions for the car:
  • Availability of an extract from the partner's license
  • Cars from 2001 throughout Poland.
  • Left-hand drive car, four-door, minimum 5 seats
3rd point
Account registration stage:
Registration is completely carried out by the partner; the driver only needs to send a photo of the necessary documents and information for registering an account. Activation takes up to 3 business days; mandatory verification will also be required at the Bolt office in the city where the driver will work.
  • Vehicle wrapped according to city standards
To add a car:
Photo of a car covered (checker, barrel number, city coat of arms, tariffs), so that the registration number of the car and the license number of the partner can be seen (with open doors)
Current car insurance;
Taxi license extract;
Photo of the back side of the technical passport unfolded with a taxi stamp;
Photo of the front side of the technical passport unfolded.
To register a taxi account you need to have the following documents:
Identyfikator kierowcy TAXI. (Taxi driver ID) confirmation of submission to the ID no older than 90 days
Orzeczenie lekarskie (Medical examination)
Orzeczenie psychologiczne (Psychological examination)
Photo of identity document;
Photo of driver's license from both sides;
Polish police clearance certificate not older than 30 days