FreeNow - lowest commission among work apps
27.06% commission
FreeNow - has the advantage that the application's commission is the lowest among taxi apps and is 27.06% commission
Working with the terminal
It can also be emphasized that in FreeNow you can work with the terminal, that is, you can connect everything you need and receive clients from the board.
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1st point
Working conditions in Freenow taxi for driver:
  • Polish criminal record certificate, added 1 time - the validity of the document is not more than 30 days from the date of issue.
  • Polish driver's license from 17.06.2024
2nd point
Conditions for a car:
  • Having of an wypis from the partner's license
  • Car from 2003 throughout Poland.
  • Left-hand drive car, four-door, minimum 5 seats
3rd point
Account registration stage:
The registration is completely carried out by the partner, the driver only needs to send a photo of the necessary documents and data for account registration. Activation takes up to 3 working days, and will also require mandatory verification at the FreeNow office in the city where the driver will work.
  • A stickers for car according to the city standards
  • No need to have driving experience, you must be at least 18 years old)
The FreeNow app usually provides drivers with navigation tools, trip statistics and other useful features that make the job easier.
Note that FreeNow has bonuses for good amounts, for example for pasting a car with the app's logo, and every month are updated with conditions for the better for the driver.
Drivers usually have the option to accept or reject orders depending on their preferences and working conditions, but one should try not to neglect canceling, because with a lot of - you can get blocked.