Uber is one of the most popular
applications for
taxi service
Convenient application
According to drivers, the Uber application is convenient to use, the application interface is designed comfortably for work.
Quickly answers from technical support
You can also emphasize the quick responses from the technical support of the application itself, Uber has an online chat through which the driver can simply and quickly communicate with the support on issues of interest to him.
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1st point
Working conditions in Uber taxi for a driver:
  • Polish criminal record certificate, added 1 time - the validity of the document is not more than 30 days from the date of issue.
  • Polish driver's license from 17.06.2024
2nd point
Conditions for a car:
  • Having an wypis from the partner's license
  • Car in Warsaw from 2005, in other cities from 2004.
  • Left-hand drive car, four-door, minimum 5 seats.
3rd point
Account registration stage:
1. Install the Uber Driver app
  • Car stickers according to city standards
2. Register using your phone number and email address
3. Add documents ( when registering you need to have a passport, driver's license, no more than 30 days old criminal record certificate...
  • Driving experience from 1 year (must be stated in the driver's license), you must be at least 20 years old)
Advantages of Uber
Orders are received with an already specified destination and cost of the trip. If you are satisfied with the conditions of the assigned trip, you only need to click on the screen to accept the order, the more trips you perform, the higher your income. And during high-demand hours, your earnings also increase due to peak fares.
Also a big plus of working with Uber
The order will come with the specified amount of netto, with the deduction of the commission of the application itself.