Wolt - app you get paid for shipping and distance
Exceptional support to help you with your deliveries
Order information
The app provides information about orders received, payments for fulfillment, and payment summaries.
Customer Service
You can get in touch with the support team and customers. To start earning - just click a button and get online
Go to the main page and leave a request
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The amount you earn depends on the amount of time you spend working-the more the better your income, obviously the biggest impact on your paycheck is the number of orders from customers. There is also no single recipe for where you can earn the most. Is it better to drive downtown or in a large neighborhood with lots of customers?
Bonuses are added to this, in addition, the longer the road, the higher the rate per 1 kilometer, you can also count on tips from satisfied customers.
Salary in Wolt is calculated for each order